Who is “Scam Likely”?

If you are a T-Mobile or MetroPCS user, chances are you have gotten one of these calls from “Scam Likely”. So who is this elusive “Scam Likely” character? It is all part of a new T-Mobile and Metro PCS feature called Scam ID, flags known scam callers automatically so you will know when not to pick up your phone. With Scam ID, users are safeguarded from these potential threats with a simple glance at Caller ID. Scam ID works on Android phones as well, so you can grab the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and get the exact same protection with the T-Mobile and MetroPCS networks.

Subscribers can also choose “Scam Block” feature to block known scammers from ever reaching a customer’s phone. When customers enable Scam Block, T-Mobile and MetroPCS will stop scam calls before they even have the chance to ring. These protections are free. To activate the features, T-Mobile and MetroPCS users can dial the following codes from their smartphone:

#664#: Enables Scam ID

#662#: Enables Scam Block

#632#: Disables Scam Block

#787#: Check if Scam Block is enabled