5 ways to extend the life of your garbage disposal

Your garbage disposal can be the most used and abused appliance in your house. By following these tips and tricks, you can ensure that you don’t face any clogs in your garbage disposal, while also making the appliance last longer.


01. Run cold water when using it – Cold water will cause food caught in the drain to harden, making it easier for your garbage disposal to grind it up. While you may think hot water is the answer, the warmer temperatures can actually melt that remaining food, causing it to stick to the pipes instead of being broken down by the appliance’s blades.


02. Know what not to put down the garbage disposal – There are certain things that are a given when it comes to what shouldn’t go down your drain: metal and plastic items. However, there are several other things that should stay away from your disposal. Never pour fats, oils or grease down the drain. Although it may seem appropriate in its liquid form, the materials solidify once cooled and can cause a serious clog. Don’t send fibrous vegetables, like celery, down the drain either. Their skins can become tangled in the drain. Lastly, bones and pits should go in the trash, not the disposal. These items could cause the blades to break and result in a costly repair.


03. Toss in some citrus every once in a while – Here’s one thing you can send down your garbage disposal: a peel from a lemon, lime, or orange. Not only will it help get rid of any excess food waste, the fruit will help quell any existing odors.


04. On occasion, pour down boiling water – This is a good tip to enact once a month, at most. The boiling water will help wash away any food that has been caught in either the drain pipe or the disposal chamber.


05. Let the disposal run – Keep your disposal running for an extra minute or two, with the water running, once it’s completed grinding up excess food. This tactic makes sure that all food is completely flushed down the drain. To prevent any further clogs, try sending a little bit of dish soap down the disposal. This will ensure that there is no food left behind and will keep the appliance clean inside.