18 Things to Do When You Retire


Live Within Your Budget

You earned your retirement, now make it last. If you have a fixed income each month from a pension, make sure you create and stick to a budget to stay within your limits.


Travel the World

Now that you don't have to worry about the limits of vacation time, take extended vacations. Go live in a foreign country for a while or take a long cruise.


Remodel Your Home

Use your time to make home improvements. It could be something as simple as organizing the stuff in your house or a big project like adding on additional space. You've got the time now, so learn to make the changes yourself.


Move to the Country

Are you tired of the traffic, noise and expense of the city? Move out to the country. Since you don't need a job anymore, you can live where you want to. Use your new space to start a garden, orchard or raise animals.


Move to the City

Do you want all of life's necessities within a few city blocks? Move to the city. Downsize your house and become an active member of the metropolis, where you'll get to experience the best of art and culture.


Get a Part-Time Job

Do you still want a place to go everyday? Find a fun part-time job with a company you love. Having this job will not only bring in a little extra income, but it will give you a place to socialize each day. If you still need insurance, perhaps you can find a part-time job with benefits, now that your career is over, you may even start a business you've always wanted.



Use your hard-earned wisdom and experience to teach others. Start a free course at your local library or community center. You could even possibly teach at a local community college or university.



Use your time in retirement to give back. Contact your local church or other charitable organization to find volunteer opportunities that suit your skills. Don't forget to consider overseas opportunities as well.


Spend Time with Friends

Get to know some of the other retirees in your area. Make plans daily or weekly to just hang out.


Visit Family

Spend more time visiting with family members, near and far. Explore your roots and find relatives you never knew you had.



Use your free time to help your family or local families in need of a babysitting service. There is something unbelievably special about being a grandparent.  You get all the magic of the child and not as much of the burden. This could even be a way to bring in a little extra cash if needed.


Be a Mentor

Find a young person to mentor. Many young people would love the chance to learn from the experienced and successful. Take time out of your week to change the life of someone else.



Spend your days reading all of the books you never had time for. Aim to read all the classics or join a book club and add a social element to your passion.


Write a Book

Writing a book takes time. Now you have plenty of it. Write a novel, a cookbook, a how-to guide or even your memoirs.


Start a New Hobby

Now is the time to expand on your interests. Take on a new hobby such as fishing, hiking, gardening, painting, photography or even just playing cards.


Take Up a New Sport

Stay active by taking on the challenge of a new athletic pursuit. Many people complete marathons or snow ski well into their retirement.


Join a Fitness

To stay committed to your new active lifestyle, join a team of others who are also looking for accountability toward their fitness goals. Work toward getting in the best shape of your life.



You earned your retirement. Go do whatever you want, including nothing.